Friday, March 19, 2010

Monster Monday

Please note that there will be NO lesson this coming Monday(22 March 2010) so please don't go to school.

So far there is no info regarding on what to bring for the Learning Journey week, so don't panic. Once I get hold of the info, it will be posted here immediately.


  1. What to bring for LEAP week?

    Stationer such as pen, correction tape. For NEwater visit, you would need your camera too. You do not need to bring your mac as there will be no internet connection at the NEWater plant.

  2. Ms Seah,
    On Monday (22 March 2010), I noticed that we are also going to the Red Dot Museum for I&E visit. Are we supposed to bring anything for I&E visit?
    And is it compulsory to bring camera?
    Please reply ASAP.



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