Monday, March 22, 2010

T2W1- The New Beginning

Hi 1-02, I hope you have enjoyed your holidays! :D

Now as we prepare to set sail for the new term, we have some old stuff we need to remind you about to pass up/remember to bring together as we embark the new journey.

Main Term 2 Pack List (By Term 2 Week 2):

  • Make sure you have done the stuff in the Math Blog!
  • Maths Textbook pg79 Q7 & 8
  • Maths WorkBook pg19 Q1 - 4
  • S&W- Warm-Ups and Cool Downs Magazine
Chinese Pupils Essentials:

Tamil Pupils Essentials:
    • WorkBook pg16-19
    • Two of you Tamil Worksheets you teacher may have given you for the term break.
    I guess these are more or less ur pack list! :D 

    For the LEAP week(NEWater Plant) :
    Click To View Table

    Courtesy of Ms Seah :D

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