Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Update: March holidays homework-Maths Blog

For those who did not notice or check the Maths blog, please check during your free time.
URL: http://sstclass102maths.blogspot.com/

The two daily work Miss Loh gave us:

*URL: http://sstclass102maths.blogspot.com/2010/03/chap-4-algebra-which-is-larger-in.html#comments (Enter your answers in the comments box)

This is the question:

**URL: http://sstclass102maths.blogspot.com/2010/03/chap-4-algebra-help-whats-wrong.html#comments (Enter your answers in the comments box)

This is the question:

Do not wait till the last minute! Do it fast and good! Hurry! Currently, there are only 9 comments on the second question and 11 comments on the first question. Have a nice holiday! :D


  1. Hi Jurvis

    Good effort! The blog has adopted a fresh and clean look!

    Also, thanks for the 'advice' given to the class... oh yes... S1-02:

    Please check out the Maths blog regularly... The tasks and learning activities are rolling out gradually and slowly. You will notice there are some games (ok... you may think they are a bit lame... but at least it's not just numbers or letters staring at you... hahah...

    Enjoy... and Re-charge well during this short holidays :D

    Ms Loh

  2. Hi Ms Loh, thanks for visiting. These two posts are done by Benz, i just had to revamp this blog but i had some posts error so i copied paste them as new ones :D


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