Monday, April 12, 2010

Homework-- April 12 2010 (MONDAY)

Group Cancer Research:
What are cancer cells?
What causes cancer?
Types of cancer & possible treatments.
How phone usage can cause cancer?
Is our wireless environment safe?
Wksheet 3: Levels of Organisation

CharacterEducation & Advisory:
Post Personal Reflection and Group Case Study.

Choose two answers you like and copy it to your foolscap:

BIG Shout-Out to the following people:
Teo Yi Lin
Darryl Lam
Christopher Nah

Please bring the EXACT amount of S$14.40 for zbCOMMA tomorrow, no change will be given!

Another SHOUT-OUT:
Goh Jia Sheng

Please send me all your info related to the Cancer Cells Research by TONIGHT!

For more shout-out request, a page will be dedicated to shout-outs that is coming soon, just email your shoutout, your recipient to: /

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