Thursday, July 22, 2010

Urgent! for the S&W coaches

Each team coach has to come up with 2 drills that can engage the team for 20 min. Get the blank lesson plans from Shakti and fill it up with diagrams and description of your drills. Pass the lesson plans and coaching schedule to Mr Dennis immediately!

Peishan, Jasper, Idris and Zheng Jie will be the journalists for S&W lesson on 23 July. Remember to bring along digital cameras to take photos and videos of the lesson.

Those of you who has the Nike Plus devices kindly return to any S&W teacher as soon as possible.

Christopher and Jaime, please look for Mr Dennis Lam to take your ht and wt.

Thank you!

Mr Dennis

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  1. coaches please take some time to look at the resources available on the S&W google site before writing your lesson plans. You can try this URL:



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