Thursday, August 5, 2010

Changes to S&W Schedule

5 Aug 2010

to: Everyone in S1-02

Sorry, due to cancellation of normal lessons on 6 August, I have to change the schedule. Please follow this new roster.


Court 1

Court 2


29 July

JackJackDaddy vs SuEnDarrylYuZheHaoEn

Pai Shou Flyers vs Pre-carrot

Stafo Battlers

3 August

JackJackDaddy vs Pai Shou Flyers

Stafo Battlers vs Pre-carrot


17 August

JackJackDaddy vs Pre-carrot

SuEnDarrylYuZheHaoEn vs Stafo Battlers

Pai Shou Flyers

20 August

JackJackDaddy vs Stafo Battlers

SuEnDarrylYuZheHaoEn vs Pai Shou Flyers


26 August




Please follow this schedule but do understand that there may be changes. Kindly come prepared for your respective roles.

Sincerely yours,

Mr Dennis Lam

PS. Please upload your photos and check your S&W homework during e-Learning Week!

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