Monday, September 20, 2010

RemindersReminders September 20 (MONDAY)

I am sad to say this...

Today is the start of Term 4 Week 2

It is also the start of D-Day!!!

Just kiddin', I'll call it T-Week, why? Coz it's test-week.
Let's first tell you bout' the tests comin' right up in front of us!
21/9/10- GEOGRAPHY TEST(Yeah, this one has waited enough, BE PREPARED. Lesson 8,9,10)
              [DOUBTED]Chinese Composition Test(Why doubted? Coz there is not Chinese lesson             TOMORROW?!)

22/9/10- Science Practical Assessment(This one is real. This is 100% REAL BE PREPARED.)

Now time for the Homework and stuff like that:
Journal (24/9/10)
Multimedia Presentation Plan (24/9/10)

Xcode Stuff.

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