Friday, March 19, 2010

Monster Monday

Please note that there will be NO lesson this coming Monday(22 March 2010) so please don't go to school.

So far there is no info regarding on what to bring for the Learning Journey week, so don't panic. Once I get hold of the info, it will be posted here immediately.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Update: March holidays homework-Maths Blog

For those who did not notice or check the Maths blog, please check during your free time.

The two daily work Miss Loh gave us:

*URL: (Enter your answers in the comments box)

This is the question:

**URL: (Enter your answers in the comments box)

This is the question:

Do not wait till the last minute! Do it fast and good! Hurry! Currently, there are only 9 comments on the second question and 11 comments on the first question. Have a nice holiday! :D

Update: March Holiday Homework or School Work

Maths: Textbook p79 NO.7 and NO.8
Workbook p19 NO.1,2,3,4

Deadline: Term 2 Week 2 Day 1

S&W: Sports magazine presentation

History: Revise History-All the work we have done

HCL: Chinese blog reflection-For those who have not done it (Deadline is over!)

Chemistry: Study and revise through for those who are not sure about the topics included for Sec 1 chemistry and check the answers for the worksheet on this URL: You must sign in to your SST email account first.

Also, if you want to win prizes and be proud if your class, take up the science quiz-March 2010. It can be found at the home page of the SST email account. You must be familiar with this because we are studying chemistry and not biology or physics this term. Good luck and have fun!

: Chairman and Vice-Chairman(ZhengJie and Benz) chairpersons outing on Wednesday, 17 March 2010

FINALLY, Have a good holiday weekend! :)