Thursday, April 1, 2010

1st April 2010: Reminder!

Hi, Everyone! As biology 'rep' I am duty-bound to remind you to go to the Biology Blog for some posts Mr Low and I shall be putting up soon during the hols...

For those who don't remember the blog address, here's the link:
Happy Hols!!! :)

Homework- April 1 2010 (THURS)

Here's the homework for the LONG weekend:

English(By 5 April- Monday):
Personal Recount Revision

Biology(By 8 April- Thursday):
Do Health Science Practical Wkst 1A-Examine Cells
Ask yourself these questions regarding today's practical:

  • What are the Organelles found in the cell?
  • List the structural features of the cell?
  • What are the functions of these Organelles?
  • Why are these functions of the Organelles important to the living cell?
IPW iProject(Next IPW Lesson):

Literature Review Google Spreadsheet

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Homework- March 30 2010(TUES) Tweak Tuesday

Mathematics (To be passed up by Thursday,2 April 2010):
Algebra Worksheet 2- Worksheet 2
Maths Target Setting- Euclid Journey

I&E(To be followed up on Thursday, 9 April 2010):
Process Needs/Demographics/New Knowledge etc. Presentation Slides

Happy Tweak Tuesday! Be sure to view the Abilash Movie 3 Trailer HERE

Monday, March 29, 2010

Homework- March 29 2010(MON)

Biology (All by Tuesday, March 30 2010):

1.Who are the 3 scientists that led to the development of the cell theory
2.Prokaryotic Cells v.s Eukaryotic Cells
3.Health Science Worksheet 1

  • Page 2: 4 similarities & 3 differences
Table Format:

  • Find another CLEARER structure of the root hair cell.
Maths (All by Tuesday, March 30 2010):

1.Thinking With Letter Worksheet

PS: History Test has been postponed to next week's history lesson.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Week of Weeks

Just to notify all of you, tomorrow, March 29,2010 is Even Week. History TEST is on Tuesday.

Content of the History TEST :
  • Chronology(4 Marks)
  • Primary and Secondary Sources(6 Marks)
  • Making Inferences (6 Marks)
Duration: 45 Minutes
Weightage: 10%