Friday, May 21, 2010

June Holidays Homework of 2010

1. Revision papers for material science and health science.
2. Those people who get less than 10 marks for biology test, there will be remedial or focus session on Term 3 Week 2.
3. Worksheet on contraceptives-Medical report.

1. Construct a poem (16 lines minimum).
2. Write 2 books responses. One response will be based on a work of fiction, while other will be based on a work of non-fiction.

Please note: Do the EL homework in the A4 Size Journal book. Deadline by Monday, 28th June 2010.

HCL: (For Chinese students only)
1. Checking chinese file on Term 3 Week 2. File the worksheets properly.
2. 阅读新旅程理解问答,写在稿纸上,每个主题一张稿纸。


1. Please hand in the completed travel declaration form whenever possible for those who did not hand up today.
2. Entrepreneurship camp at the end of June.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Travel declaration form to be completed by Monday(24th May) for those students who are not going for the China trip. For those who are going to China, hand the form up to me tomorrow. Latest by this Friday.

Benz Kew
Pls hand the form to me. Thanks.

Homework May 20 2010 (THURSDAY)

Algebraic Expansion Type 1

Poem(Do it in Journal)
Book Review(Ms Lim will give us hardcopy tomorrow, if I'm not wrong, do in Journal too)

Action Plan by 28 June 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Homework May 19 2010 (WEDNESDAY)

Remedial Wkst

English poem task 3&7

Bring Action Plans
Bring necessary decoration for your board's decoration

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


As Jurvis is going overseas for the China trip to Beijing soon, I will be taking over his position for the updates on the homework blog after his flight departs from Singapore. 祝你一路顺风!:D

Best regards,
Benz Kew

Homework May 18 2010 (TUESDAY)

Do the e-Journal regarding population


Biology Test TOMORROW
Hand up Biology File TOMORROW

To those who did not hand up the I&E Camp Consent Form:
Please bring it to school tomorrow!